David Fracht, Chair drbchair@fairleevt.org
Nancy Anderson – vice chair

Peter Lange 
Bill Dunnack
Tim Danen

Ray Coffin, Jr.
Anthony Gahagan

Minutes Clerk – Joanna Bligh


The Development Review Board is looking for new members,

1 full time member and 1 alternate. DRB members serve 3 year terms. Please send a letter of interest to:

Development Review Board
75 Town Common Road, P.O. Box 95
Fairlee, Vermont 05045

or email your letter of interest to: drbchair@fairleevt.org

Application Submission & DRB Hearing Schedule 2018

The Development Review Board’s authority and duties are laid out in both the Vermont State Statutes and the Fairlee Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. This board combines the development review functions of the former Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Planning Commission into a single body that must evaluate and decide upon the appropriateness of proposed development measured against the standards and procedures defined in the Fairlee Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. It is a job that is carried out by volunteers appointed by the Fairlee Select Board.

The DRB has the following duties:

Considers applications for subdivision;
Considers applications for conditional uses;
Considers applications for site plan approval;
Considers applications for design review approval;
Considers applications for development in the flood plain.
Adjudicates appeals of acts or decisions made by the Zoning Administrator;
Adjudicates applications for variances and waivers from the provisions of the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.