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The Forest Board meets the first Thursday of March, June, September and December.


Fairlee Forest Management Plan (pdf) and high resolution soil and forest maps

A view of the Fairlee Forest, looking North from over Route 244.

A view of the Fairlee Forest, looking North from over Route 244.

May 9, 2017 – Update on the Chestnut Tree Project

The Rivendell sophomore Science class led by Markus Bradley (town forester) and by teachers Rachel Sanders and Laszlo Bardos spent the day in the Fairlee Town Forest at Chestnut Landing. Members of the Fairlee Forest Board David Matthews and Peter Lange along with Roxanne Matthews worked with the students. Yurij Bihun, President of the VT/NH Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation and JP helped with the work.

David and Roxanne Matthews provided their gator, tools, supplies, a wonderful lunch and snacks for all the participants.

The 27 students and 9 adults spent the morning releasing and measuring the chestnut trees that were donated by the American Chestnut Foundation and planted last year. Rachel Sanders will work with her sophomore science classes to study and take care of the trees each year. This data collecting and tree maintenance is part of the agreement with the American Chestnut Foundation that Markus Bradley and David Matthews developed with Yurij Bihun to reintroduce chestnut trees that might be resistant to chestnut blight into the town forest. The trees were tagged for identification and were entered into a GPS program for the study.

The graph linked here: 2017_chestnut_tally_sheet details the data collected by the students after the first year. All 21 trees are surviving and thriving!

In the afternoon after the students had lunch, Markus Bradley led the students on an informational forest tour. One of the photos shows the canopy of a large oak tree that showed signs of a bear nest.

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