Town Hall Project Overview

The second floor of the Town Hall has not been used for public events since 1986 due to the fact that it is not handicap accessible. There are many current and former residents of Fairlee who remember the second floor as a place with a constant flow of activities that brought us together frequently. With a reopened second floor, we envision a wide variety of events that will not only provide a stronger sense of community, but also generate revenue for the Town and provide increased revenue for local businesses and attract new businesses.

Some of the highlights of the renovation include:

  • The addition of an elevator, which will make the second floor accessible to all.
  • The building will be brought up to compliance with federal, state, and local fire codes.
  • Insulation will be added to the second floor and proper heating and ventilation, which will be significantly more energy-efficient, resulting in energy savings of 50% on a square footage basis; it is estimated that the cost of heating both floors will be about the same as the current cost of heating the first floor alone.
  • A concession area will be added to the second floor.
  • An illuminated community bulletin board will be added to the left of the existing entrance.
  • Local contractors and suppliers will be used.
  • The Town Hall will be the designated Emergency Control Center and Shelter with the installation of a new septic system. The current shelter for Fairlee residents is the Bradford Ecumenical Church.
  • The Town Hall will have the structural integrity to take it well into the next 100 years!