Recreation Council Minutes 3.15.18

Fairlee Recreation Council

DRAFT Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2018

Present: Samantha Hickman, Matt Jung, Meghann Bourn, Tad Nunez, and Victoria Lacasse.

Meeting started at 6:40 pm.

  1. New Business
    a. Minutes from 2/1/18 were approved.
    b. Matt made the council aware that Lisa Hinsley will be sending out monthly budget  report updates.
    i. Reviewed current budget report.
    c.Town Hall Grand Re-opening is scheduled for July 28th, 2018
    i. Discussed involvement in the event. Discussed having a table for the Fairlee Recreation Council at the event
    ii. We will explore ideas for children activities at the event.
  2. Old Business
    a. Vermont Conference on Recreation Service Project Update
    i. Matt emailed our ideas from the last meeting, and he is waiting to hear on their final decision.
    b. 2018 Town Beach Lifeguard Staffing Plan-
    i. Tad consulted the insurance carrier about whether they need provide a lifeguard. There is no legal requirement to provide lifeguards.
    1. None of the state beaches in Vermont have lifeguards.
    2. Discussed alternative schedules for lifeguard coverage and management of the beach. The consensus was that being able to have swimming lessons was a priority.
    Currently we do not have any returning lifeguards.
    ii. Plan for Matt and  Tad to schedule a time to meet with the Select Board to discuss changes to beach management and lifeguard coverage.
    iii. After the meeting, we will start advertising for lifeguard positions.
    iv. Will plan to advertise at the local schools and on Facebook and with local community groups.
  3. Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:22 pm.

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