Recreation Council Minutes 2.1.18

Fairlee Recreation Council

Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2018

Present: Samantha Hickman, Matt Jung, Clyde Blake, Tad Nunez, and Victoria Lacasse.

Meeting started at 6:40 pm.

I. Old Business

a. Beach Passes

i. Update on beach passes for 2018

1. At the select board meeting they requested a cost analysis for

continuing to have a beach pass or not.

2. Town Clerk reports that she has to look at the cost of keeping the records, making the non-resident passes.

3. Plan for Matt to meet with Georgette to develop plan for 2018 season.

b. Fairlee Community Arts Council (FCARTS) – developed by a group of Fairlee residents to discuss ways to utilize the second floor of the town hall.

II. New Business

a. Beach Infrastructure:

i. Insurance company surveyed the property last summer. Two violations were identified.

1. Early detection device needs to be available. The cost for the device is about $200. Matt will order the part.

2. Sand level is too low underneath the swings. Plan is to have the holes underneath the swings filled in prior to the start of the season. Clyde recommended that we have

the guards rack that area on a regular basis as part of the beach clean-up.

3. Spring rider equipment- quotes were obtained

4. Playground Slider- Cami and Matt plan to finish repair when the weather gets warmer.

b. Grounds Maintenance

i. Clyde mentioned that it would be nice to replace the fence to the beach and to clean the weeds behind the play structures. Will plan to get quotes later this year to include it in our

budget for 2019.

c. Vermont Conference on Recreation Service Project

i. Would like to have it be something that they can do during the day with vendors during the conference. They are currently looking for recommendations for a service project. Ideas

brought up were to have them put in a shade device, a children play area, or to replace the spring rider equipment.

d. Lifeguards- will need to start advertising for lifeguards for the summer season.

i. Will plan to advertise at the local schools and on Facebook and with local community groups.

III. Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 pm.

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