Forest Board Meeting Minutes 3-1-2018

Fairlee Forest Board Meeting
March 1, 2018


    • David Matthews -Chair of Fairlee Forest Board
    • Peter Lange – Fairlee Forest Board
    • Terry Lewis- Fairlee Forest Board
    • Mitch Phelps- Fairlee Forest Board
    • ABSENT: Jim O’Donnell – Fairlee Forest Board

Guest: Tad Nunez – Town Administrator

Meeting called to order at 4:08 PM

APPROVAL OF MINUTES from the 9/7/17 meeting, unanimous.

Recap of meeting called by Tad Nunez with the Fairlee Forest Board and the Friends of the Fairlee Forests.
1- FFB should approve any additions to the Forest Board Website on the official town website.
2- Criteria should be established for for-profit organizations that use the Forest.
3- Policy by the Selectboard needs to be developed.
4- No use by for profit ATV group.

David passed on an email from Markus Bradley about the yearly maintenance of the Chestnut trees to be entered into the minutes. David will once again donate lunches for the group. Thank you David and Roxanne Matthews. The event will happen rain for shine.

Email: David and Folks,

I plan to go into the sophomore biology class this spring to talk briefly with the kids about what the chestnut tree was, what happened to it, and some of the science bringing it back. Rachel Saunders and I have not set a date yet for maintenance and measurements. I expect this will be at the end of April. Stay tuned. I will get word out about a chestnut day as soon as I know it. It would be lovely if we could repeat the day we had last year.

I wanted to talk to the forest board about prepping a timber sale at the end of Knox Road. We would use the same landing the apple trees were planted on. I would like to mark a timber sale and show perspective buyers the job by July 4th at the latest. I envision a late summer harvest going into the fall until it becomes too wet to be trucking off the hill. The work at the end of Knox Road will be heavy to hardwood pulp but we have the opportunity to make some larger group selection cuts that will eventually produce hare and grouse habitat. There a lot of acres there and depending on the type of weather we get it could be multi-season project. I do expect it will need to be whole tree harvest and I do expect that some road work will need to occur to be able to access the landing with trucks.

David would like information about the apple tree planting that was organized by Max Haenel. Will the scout troop come back to check on the trees or do the maintenance to release the seedlings? Peter will email Max and report to David.

Markus will update the Board about the upcoming timber harvest after April 1st.

MOTION: Terry moved to have David contact Markus to go ahead with marking for a 2018 timer harvest at the end of Knox Road.
Peter second- vote- unanimous to approve.

Terry and Mitchell will install the snow fencing this year to prevent mud season traffic.

Under New Business Jim would like to rent a dozer to work on the access to Jim O’s Landing. Markus thought there should also be road work done to Knox road in order to carry out the harvest.
David will send an email about a site visit in the spring to Jim O’s and Knox Road to assess the need for work.

The term for Mitch expired and the selectboard reappointed him for the a new 5 year term. Thank you Mitch!

Terry would like to install signs to identify the Chestnut Tree and Jim O’s Landings.

David informed the Board that the membership is due for the American Chestnut Organization. MOTION made to renew membership at the $250 level by David with Peter seconding. Vote unanimous. Funds come out of the timber trust.

Next meeting: June 7th, 2018 at 4:00 in the Town Hall Grange Room.

Motion to adjourn by Mitch at 4:54. Unanimous.

MOTION to adjourn at 5:00 PM passed unanimously.

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