Selectboard Meeting Minutes 1-22-2018

Town of Fairlee Selectboard Meeting
Town of Fairlee Library
221 US Rte 5 N
Fairlee, Vermont  05045

Monday, January 22, 2018

6:03 PM 

Call to Order:  Cathy McGrath, Chair, called the meeting to order.

  • Selectboard Members: Cathy McGrath (Chair); Peter Berger (Vice Chair); Frank J. Barrett, Jr.
  • Visitors: Lance E. Colby, Water Department; Georgette Wolf-Ludwig; and Lisa Hinsley
  • Town Administrator: Tad Nunez
  • Minutes Clerk: Joanna Bligh

Peter Berger noted that there has been hearsay of vandalism to the Nordic track on Lake Morey, and he would like to add this discussion to the Agenda

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. moved/seconded the motion to add this item to the Agenda under New Business. The motion passed unanimously.


Town Administrator’s Report

Tad Nunez, Town Administrator, reported on activities he participated in during the week of January 15, 2018, including attending meetings with the Fairlee Arts Council, the Town office staff, the Water Department, the Forest Board, and Don Weaver (milfoil project). He also toured the water tank area and noted that the Water Department report is done.

[Georgette Wolf-Ludwig entered the meeting at 6:09 PM]



Cathy McGrath opened discussion for a vote on changing the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig stated that Chief Nate Pero sent an e-mail requesting that the Town insert Indigenous Peoples’ Day to the Town’s Recreational Calendar.

[Lisa Hinsley entered the meeting at 6:17 PM]

Interim Financing/Water Department Funding

Lisa Hinsley asked if there were questions before signing the $300K municipal bond/interim funding document (specifications: maturity June 23, 2019; 1.44% interest; nonrevolving line-of-credit).

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. moved/seconded the motion to accept the $300K line-of-credit for the water tank project. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion of Warning for Town Meeting (Additional Articles)

Cathy McGrath asked if additional articles should be placed on the Town Meeting warnings. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig suggested a water system update. After brief discussion, Cathy McGrath stated that there will be no additional articles on the warning. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig noted that the warning will be signed on the 29th and posted on the 30th.

Nordic Track, Lake Morey/Hillbilly Fishing Derby

Peter Berger stated that Tad Nunez should contact Game Warden Jeff Whipple regarding concerns that the Nordic Track on Lake Morey may be/has been vandalized. 


Budget Review—Finalize

Cathy McGrath stated that Lisa Hinsley and Tad Nunez identified some additional changes to the Budget, including adding monies to the Lake Morey Rd west side ditching project, the culvert inventory based on the Municipal Roads Permit Grant, and the FEMA disaster assistance project. Detailed discussion continued with a final agreement of a tax rate change of minus ¾ of a cent.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. moved/seconded the motion to approve the 2018 Town of Fairlee budget as discussed. The motion passed unanimously.

Georgette Wolf-Ludwig noted that the digital copy of the Annual Report is due to the printer on January 31, and the hard copy is due February 2.

Lake Morey Road Reconstruction Update

Peter Berger noted that on Tuesday afternoon, he has a meeting with Shauna Clifford from VTRANS District 7 to discuss pavement replacement. Tad Nunez stated that the 4000 feet of pavement overlayment will be completed in sections.

Water Bond and Communications Update

Cathy McGrath announced that materials from Paul Giuliani, municipal law attorney, are to be reviewed by the Selectboard and staff, and that he approved the Resolution Certificate. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig stated that she will review and make changes to the ballot. Lance Colby, Water Department, stated that water meters would upgrade the system, but they cannot jeopardize the water tank project.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. moved/seconded the motion to approve the bond wording and sign the warning with modifications at the Town Clerk’s Office as discussed. The motion passed unanimously.

Cathy McGrath stated that the newsletter will be prepared, a brochure mailed after the first public meeting on February 8, and a “Get out the vote” postcard will be mailed after the 20th. Cathy McGrath noted that she will prepare an outline of the brochure and distribute it for review. Tad Nunez confirmed other communications to be posted, including signs/posters and a press release.

Selectboard and Town Administrator Objectives

Tad Nunez presented a document of priorities for the Selectboard and Town Administrator to focus on, including establishing a Town Administration calendar, instituting Town staff training, and managing Town assets, projects, finances, and ordinances/policies. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. noted that the priorities could be categorized into long- and short-term projects. Tad Nunez suggested that the priority projects would be reviewed, benchmarked, and reevaluated. Cathy McGrath stated that discussion will be continued at the next meeting.

[Lisa Hinsley left the meeting at 8:13 PM]

New Roof on Water Tank

Lance Colby stated that workers cannot enter the water tank because the new roof obstructs entry, and that a hole has to be cut in the new roof.

Lance Colby noted that Tad Nunez called Gary Leach to itemize the pipe on the water lines.

[Lance Colby left the meeting at 8:32 PM]  


The orders and correspondences were presented to the Town of Fairlee Selectboard for signatures.


MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Peter Berger moved/seconded the motion to approve the Selectboard Meeting Minutes from 1-16-18 with modifications. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. moved/seconded the motion to close the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

ADJOURN: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

Attest: Joanna Bligh, Minutes Clerk

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