Recreation Council Minutes 10-9-2017

Fairlee Recreation Council
Meeting Minutes

October 9th,  2017

Present: Samantha Hickman, Matt Jung, and Victoria Lacasse.

Meeting started at 6:05 pm.

Old Business


Matt reviewed calendar with Georgette regarding holidays and town changes.

We have received some photos  for the calendar.  We still need more to complete the calendar.

New Business

Beach Passes

Matt presented at the last select board meeting. They would like a cost analysis for the different options regarding the beach pass.

Georgette would be interested being involved in the discussion.

Will work with Georgette and Lisa to prepare a cost analysis and will plan to present the analysis at a future select board meeting.


Reviewed breakdown of 2017 expenses as of 9/22/17.

Need to find out what line item the non-resident beach pass revenue was put under as it current states that it is zero.

21 non-resident passes were sold last year at $45 per pass.

Will review paperwork to find out how many kids took lessons and the breakdown of residents and non-residents.

Budget reviewed and updates made.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm.

Next meeting will be to review draft of the calendar, date to be determined.  


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