Trustee Minutes 12.19.17

Board of Trustees Meeting

Fairlee Public Library

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Draft Minutes

Call to order at 7:11 pm by Chair Joel Adamson

In attendance: Cyrie Lange, Joel Adamson, Ammie Collins, Crystal Champagne, Samantha Hickman

Minutes of November 7, 2017 meeting were approved.

  1. Librarian’s Report
          1. Samantha priced wall mounted changing tables. They range from $216-$266 on Amazon.
          2. Saved $311.58 this year by deleting expired patron accounts.
          3. New projector works great but will not be able to play Movie Nights movies on Xbox because of a sound issue. Will probably still have to purchase new laptop as planned/budgeted for.
          4. New computer arrived and put together. Old single computer desk went to Juvenile section and old Juvenile desk is gone.
          5. All-Access set up the 6th patron computer.
          6. Furnace maintenance was done by ARC. They were here on Thursday, December 7th and had to come back on Wednesday, December 13th. They were here for a few hours on the 13th but Samantha was unable to talk to them about the reason for the extended appointment.
          7. There was an accident involving a juvenile patron on Wednesday, December 13th. Samantha filed an incident report (on file here) and also tried to file a General Liability report with VLTC but there was a problem was of lack of information on this patron. Samantha will try to get the needed information and finish the report.
          8. Rec Council donated our tree this year.
          9. Samantha will be using her 40.75 hours of vacation/sick/personal time over the next few weeks.
          10. Board allowed for Samantha to close the library on Tuesday, December 26th
          11. Another collaboration with the SME school will be happening this Spring. More details to come.
          12. The Library was selected by Hannaford to receive $1 for every Good Karma bag sold in December.
          13. Amazon wish list available.
          14. Adult and juvenile new books are being purchased to use up the last of the book money.
          15. The Connecticut River Antique Collectors Klub has selected the library to received $150 for new books.
          16. Annual Librarian’s Report has been submitted.
          17. FPL made the Fairlee Calendar this year.
  1. Treasurer’s Report: We are over in a few line items but under in several that it should all equal out. Last of several line items will be spent in the next few days.
  2. Budget/Windows: Samantha has not received the updated 2018 Budget from Town Hall yet. Tim has been to the library several times to measure windows. He thinks that the original plan of creating the bay window look will not work because of window angels. Tim thinks that bay windows might have to be custom ordered. Board would like to know if the original estimate of $11,000 is still accurate even with the custom ordered windows. If not, can we get an updated estimate. Samantha will call Tim this week and email the board with his answers.
  3. Maintenance of carpet and siding was discussed. Money will have to be put aside for several years before projects can be done. The board will need to decide what project should come first, siding or carpet. Selectboard will have to be included in on that discussion because the Library is a town building.
  4. Board Membership Joel will not remain on the Board of Trustees after Town Meeting on March 6th. We discussed possible people to ask to be on the board. Samantha will ask few people and Crystal will ask the rest. Board will need to decide who wants to be the new chair. Joel has agreed to help the new person or new chair in April if necessary.
  5. No new business
  6. Next Trustee Meeting: Tuesday, January 9th at 7 pm.
  7. Adjournment was at 8:23 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Samantha Hickman

Library Director

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