Selectboard Meeting Minutes 12-18-2017

Town of Fairlee Selectboard Meeting
Town of Fairlee Library
221 US Rte 5 N
Fairlee, Vermont  05045

Monday, December 18, 2017

MOTION: Peter Berger/Cathy McGrath moved/seconded the motion to go into Executive Session at 5:25 PM for Personnel. The motion passed unanimously.

The Selectboard came out of Executive Session at 6:13 PM. No action taken.

6:14 PM  Call to Order

Cathy McGrath, Chair, called the meeting to order.

  • Selectboard Members: Cathy McGrath (Chair) and Peter Berger (Vice Chair)
  • Visitors: Georgette Wolf-Ludwig, Noël Walker, Lisa Hinsley, Walt Gladstone
  • Minutes Clerk: Joanna Bligh

Budget update moved to the beginning of the Agenda. There were no other agenda modifications.


Mowing Bids

Lisa Hinsley presented a bid for mowing the Town property and the cemetery. Cathy McGrath stated that the contract with the company should be clear and specific. Hinsley stated that the charges for the cemetery portion will be passed on to the Cemetery Commission. McGrath stated that a contract will be presented to the Selectboard for signatures at the next meeting.  


Fairlee Newsletter

Cathy McGrath stated that the newsletter text is outlined and will be reviewed by the Selectboard in preparation for a mailing during the second week in January 2018.  

Annual Report

Cathy McGrath stated that she will draft highlights of the Selectboard’s portion of the Annual Report, which will be forwarded to Frank J. Barrett, Jr. for final revisions.

 [Georgette Wolf-Ludwig left the meeting at 6:30 PM]


Proposed Right of Way on Town’s Dump Road Property

Cathy McGrath introduced the discussion of the power line right of way to the Solar Field owned by Walt Gladstone. Walt Gladstone stated that the project involves power line installation from Rt 5 across the railroad tracks and Town property to the solar field. Gladstone continued that the largest cost of the project is the portion from Rt 5 to the railroad track crossing, which includes a permit fee and new transmission poles. Peter Berger noted that power to the Transfer Station will be important in the future and that the Town’s portion of the costs could be put in the Transfer Station budget.

Water Storage Tank Truss Roof Construction Update

Cathy McGrath stated that the trusses are in place and the sheathing is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday.

Options: Proposed “Rolling” Vote Water Bond Opportunity

Cathy McGrath conversed with Paul Giuliani, municipal law attorney, about a rolling vote and he stated that it is a difficult process, but not impossible. The Selectboard continued a conversation about the proposed bond vote, including the amount of funding needed, and the importance of including Lance Colby and Barry Larson in the bond conversations.

Planning for the Lake Morey Rd, East Side, Reconstruction

Peter Berger stated that Gary Leach needs to share the scope of work.

Continued Review of the Preliminary Town Budget

The Selectboard continued review of the Town Budget as presented by Lisa Hinsley, Treasurer. Hinsley requested permission to go forward with a line of credit to cover water tank expenses.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Cathy McGrath moved/seconded the motion to approve that the Treasurer seek a $300,000 line of credit for the water tank project. The motion passed unanimously.


The orders and correspondences were presented to the Town of Fairlee Selectboard for signatures, including the Two Rivers Municipal Planning Grant for capital planning.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Cathy McGrath moved/seconded the motion to sign the Upper Valley Ambulance proposal lease. The motion passed unanimously.

[Lisa Hinsley left the meeting at 8:07 PM]

Two Rivers–Ottauquechee Regional Commission

Cathy McGrath stated that the TRORC has bylaw changes. Peter Berger noted that the RC is proposing bylaw changes that would allow for multi-town governance structures similar to TriTown. 

 [Noël Walker left the meeting at 8:20 PM]


MOTION: Peter Berger/Cathy McGrath moved/seconded the motion to approve the Selectboard Meeting Minutes from 12-11-17 with modifications. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Cathy McGrath/Peter Berger moved/seconded the motion to close the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 PM

Attest: Joanna Bligh, Minutes Clerk

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