Selectboard Meeting Minutes 12-4-2017

Town of Fairlee Selectboard Meeting
Town of Fairlee Library
221 US Rte 5 N
Fairlee, Vermont  05045

Monday, December 4, 2017

MOTION: Cathy McGrath/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. moved/seconded to go into Executive Session at 5:15 PM.

The Selectboard moved out of Executive Session at 5:52 PM

6:02 PM

Call to Order: Cathy McGrath, Chair, called the meeting to order.

  • Selectboard Members: Cathy McGrath (Chair) and Frank J. Barrett, Jr.
  • Visitors: Georgette Wolf-Ludwig, Lance Colby, and Lisa Hinsley
  • Minutes Clerk: Joanna Bligh

Frank J. Barrett, Jr. requested adding a discussion under New Business of the tax sale of property next to Cumberland Farms store. Cathy McGrath suggested tabling the discussion until after she disused the tax sales with Jason Bachus.


Staff and Office Move

Georgette Wolf-Ludwig remarked that the Town Offices have new phones and the Internet server change will be done this week. Cathy McGrath stated that moving of offices and staff is schedule to begin on December 18. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig stated that the office will be closed or open limited hours during the move.

Municipal Planning Grant

Cathy McGrath announced that the Municipal Planning grant was approved to fund the Housing Study.

Budget Committee Meeting

Georgette Wolf-Ludwig will post a meeting for Monday, December 11, for the Budget Committee to meet with the Selectboard.


Follow-Up—Water Tank Public Meeting

Cathy McGrath reported that the Water Tank Meeting went well with about 45 attendees. The Selectboard had an extended conversation with Lance Colby about water system priorities. There was agreement that a bond will at least address repair of the tank with a cast-in-place concrete tank. Discussion continued regarding the costs of replacing the water main, the use of meters (per USDA regulations), and ways to finance future water projects.

 [Lisa Hinsley arrived at the meeting at 6:48 PM]

Georgette Wolf-Ludwig stated that the timeline for the bond vote needs to be worked out and suggested to hold the vote before the Town Meeting in late February.

 [Lance Colby left the meeting at 7:13 pm]

Town of Fairlee, VT, 2018 Budget Review

Lisa Hinsley presented a draft of the Town of Fairlee 2018 Budget to the Selectboard. An extended discussion was held emphasizing trimming the budget to as close to level funding as possible. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. noted that with three-quarters of the Town Hall project complete, Lisa Hinsley can request a projection from Brian Newcity of end costs. 

 [Georgette Wolf-Ludwig left the meeting at 7:46 PM]

Mike Woodard Report and Downtown Revitalization

Frank J. Barrett, Jr. discussed the role of Mike Woodard, as a Town consultant. He suggested that Mr. Woodard can survey property owners and report his findings to the Selectboard.

Retirement Policy

Frank J. Barrett, Jr. and Cathy McGrath discussed a retirement policy (5% of annual salary) for those with full-time positions and 5 consecutive years of service. They identified three positions that will be affected by a retirement policy: the Town Administrator, the Town Clerk, and the Town Treasurer.


The orders and correspondences were presented to the Town of Fairlee Selectboard for signatures.

[Lia Hinsley left the meeting at 8:01 PM]


MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Cathy McGrath moved/seconded to approve the Selectboard Meeting Minutes from 11-27-17 with modifications. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Cathy McGrath moved/seconded to go into Executive Session at 8:09 PM. The motion passed unanimously.

The Selectboard came out of Executive Session at 8:12 PM.

MOTION: Cathy McGrath/Peter Berger moved/seconded to close the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM

Attest: Joanna Bligh, Minutes Clerk

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