Selectboard Meeting Minutes 10-30-2017

Town of Fairlee Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Town of Fairlee Library
221 US Rte 5 N
Fairlee, Vermont  05045

Monday, October 30, 2017

  • Selectboard Members: Cathy McGrath (Chair); Peter Berger (Vice Chair); and Frank J. Barrett, Jr.
  • Visitors: Noël Walker, Lisa Hinsley, Georgette Wolf-Ludwig, Lance Colby, Gary Leach
  • Minutes Clerk: Joanna Bligh

Cathy McGrath suggested a change in the order of agenda items. Peter Berger suggested moving up in the agenda the discussion with Lance Colby and Gary Leach regarding the water tank inspection. Cathy McGrath suggested moving the water tank inspection topic before New Business.  

MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Peter Berger (moved/seconded) to accept the agenda with modifications. The vote passed unanimously.

Water Tank Inspection

Cathy McGrath stated that the Selectboard had an important discussion with William Meub, Town lawyer, regarding water tank permitting. Gary Leach stated that he needed a check for $120 for the meeting at the tank site. Lance Colby stated that the tank will be drained to within 2 feet of the bottom and samples of the sediment will be obtained. Discussion continued about construction of the water tank roof/trusses. Noël Walker stated that bids are out to two companies and pricing will be obtained as soon as possible.

[Gary Leach and Lance Colby left the meeting at 6:24 PM]


Georgette Wolf-Ludwig, Town Clerk, asked if the bond vote planned for Town Meeting could be moved to another date. Noël Walker had a Town Hall construction update—plans are to move offices on December 18, the septic tank will be dug next week, the propane tank installed next week; and next Wednesday at 2 PM will be a walk-through meeting. Lisa Hinsley stated that February 15, 2018, is the deadline for the preliminary certificate of occupancy.


Transfer Station/Brush Dump

Cathy McGrath noted that the Town ordinance states no stumps are allowed in the brush dump; however, stumps are there. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig suggested that the brush dump area be chained, gated, or fenced off. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. stated that there has been talk of a master plan for the dump that includes gates and fencing at access points. Peter Berger suggested that the Selectboard pass an ordinance creating specific hours for the dump and after hours is considered illegal dumping. Cathy McGrath suggested that the policy could include a key from the Town Administrator for the brush dump, and, also, at the brush dump site, a sign, a surveillance camera, and police follow-up. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. stated that a gate could be included in 2018 budget. Cathy McGrath suggested that a brush-dump policy letter be written and presented to the Selectboard for approval.

Purchasing Policy

Cathy McGrath stated that the objective of the purchasing policy is to control spending. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig stated that approval for purchasing items shouldn’t be needed for spending that has already been budgeted. Lisa Hinsley presented purchase order policies from other towns.


Town Administrator Orientation

Cathy McGrath presented a document outlining the orientation procedure for the Town Administrator. Georgette Wolf-Ludwig noted that the Board Clerk introductions be added because there is such a close relationship. Noël Walker added that a Town tour be included. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. suggested that the Welcoming Reception be moved up to the beginning of the orientation period. Peter Berger suggested that time be blocked out for orientation procedure to make sure it is completed.

Arts Advisory Committee

Cathy McGrath asked the Board if she should ask Elizabeth Wilson to send invitations to prospective members for the arts advisory committee. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. noted that Elizabeth Wilson was asked to make plans for the committee herself and report her findings to the Selectboard. 

[Georgette Wolf-Ludwig left the meeting at 7:33 PM]

Highway Grants

Cathy McGrath stated that they are now tracking grants in Excel. Peter Berger stated that the file should be a shared document and that it contains some duplication of information. Cathy McGrath added that the last date reviewed should be on the document. Cathy McGrath will discuss further with Chris Brimmer, originator of the document.

Housing Update

Cathy McGrath stated that she has communicated with Andrew Winter from Twin Pines Housing Trust to discuss the housing study inventory; however, she has not heard back from him.


MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Peter Berger (moved/seconded) to sign the invoice for the proactive maintenance agreement with Alliance Mechanical for $1488. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Peter Berger (moved/seconded) to sign the invoice for All Access (Treasurer’s) laptop warranty. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Peter Berger (moved/seconded) to sign the invoice for the ProLiant ML350 G9 Tower Server. The motion passed unanimously.

[Lisa Hinsley and Noël Walker left the meeting at 8:00 PM]

The Selectboard moved into Executive Session at 8:05 PM.

The Selectboard moved out of Executive Session at 8:41 PM.

ADJOURN: Time was 8:42 PM

MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Peter Berger (moved/seconded) to close the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Attest: Joanna Bligh, Minutes Clerk

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