Selectboard Meeting Minutes 10-2-2017

Town of Fairlee Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Town of Fairlee Library
221 US Rte 5 N
Fairlee, Vermont  05045

Monday, October 2, 2017

  • Selectboard Members: Cathy McGrath (Chair); Peter Berger (Vice Chair), and Frank J. Barrett, Jr.
  • Town Administrator: Laura Zubryd
  • Visitors: Don Weaver, Jason Bachus, Matt Jung, Bruce Durgin, Lynn Fitzhugh
  • Minutes Clerk: Joanna Bligh

Cathy McGrath and Peter Berger noted additions to the agenda: Catamount partnership, grant submission, and health update.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. (moved/seconded) to accept the agenda with modifications. The vote passed unanimously.

  • Delinquent Taxes
    • Jason Bachus, Chief of Police, stated he has been addressing the delinquent tax properties. Peter Berger asked if notices have been going to the correct addresses. Jason Bachus responded that one notice was returned, and he will try an alternate address.

[Jason Bachus left the meeting at 6:15 PM]

  • Lake Morey Protective Association (LMPA)/Lake Morey Foundation (LMF)
    • Don Weaver stated that the divers have been in the lake for milfoil count. Suction harvesting permit is needed, however there are only 180 days for the application process. Solitude is preparing an application for the use of Renovate chemical.
  • Town Hall Construction Update
    • Don Weaver noted that the fuses are in the ceiling, and the granite for the Town Hall has been ordered. A chandelier will be placed in the grand stairwell. 
  • FEMA
    • Don Weaver stated that private property driveway damage needs to be addressed.
  • Town Beach
    • Matt Jung, Recreation Commission, reported on the summer’s town beach activities. He noted that there were 21 nonresident beach passes issued. There are now permanent signs “Beach-Pass Holders Only,” as well as, public swimming times. He expressed limited success with the lifeguards checking beach passes because their main duties involve watching the water. He expressed the need to have a permanent staff member to check passes. And, if the beachgoer had no pass, then day passes at $5 were issued. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. stated that taxpayers should be issued beach passes and nonresidents would get passes from the Town Clerk. Cathy McGrath suggested that the Recreation Commission work together to propose beach-pass solutions to the Selectboard.
  • AEDs
    • Matt Jung stated that AEDs are needed for the beach area. They can be rented or purchased. Peter Berger stated that purchase of AEDs may be a grant opportunity. The Selectboard was in favor of pursuing more information.
  • Lake Morey Foundation
    • Bruce Durgin presented information about the conservation project: “Preserve Morey Mountain.” Bruce Durgin would like the Town to consider a donation of $1000 toward the project to preserve 150 acres along Lake Morey Rd W. The parcel will be purchased by LMF and will be stewarded by the Upper Valley Land Trust.

[Bruce Durgin and Lynn Fitzhugh left the meeting at 7:10 PM]

  • Cathy McGrath stated that conservation that involves recreation is a positive step. Peter Berger stated he was fully supportive, and other parties may be interested, such as the Upper Valley Trails Alliance and the Aloha Foundation.

[Matt Jung left the meeting at 7:16 PM]

  • Catamount (
    • Cathy McGrath stated that she wishes to have a discussion about a partnership with Catamount Arts, St Johnsbury. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. stated that the second floor of the Town Hall could be used as an arts space.   
  • Appointment of New Planning Commission Selection
    • Discussion took place. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. stated the individual should be interested in land use issues.
  • Water Tank
    • A picture was shown of the water tank shed roof. Cathy McGrath asked Laura Zubryd to contact Chris Callahan, Town attorney, to assess whether the shed roof (weight bearing on the tank) will be a risk for additional damage to the tank. Peter Berger suggested that bids need to be solicited.
  • Propane Tank
    • Laura Zubryd submitted bids with terms from four propane companies.

MOTION: Frank J. Barrett, Jr./Peter Berger (moved/seconded) that Perry/Patten be contracted for Town propane service. Motion passed unanimously.  

[Don Weaver left the meeting at 7:55 PM]

  • Grants
    • Cathy McGrath stated that the Historic Preservation grant and the MPG grant for capital projects were submitted today.
  • Health Board
    • Tiffany North-Reid is studying processes for testing for cyanobacteria in Lake Morey.

Laura Zubryd presented materials for review and signing.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. (moved/seconded) that $4328 be spent on exterior light fixtures at the Park & Ride. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. (moved/seconded) that $350 be spent on painting the parking spaces in the Park & Ride. The motion passed unanimously.

Laura Zubryd stated that bids are needed relating to the painting of the Fire House next year. Laura Zubryd will send out bid documents. 


Peter Berger/Cathy McGrath (moved/seconded) in favor of accepting the minutes (10-2-17) with modifications.

ADJOURN: Time was 8:57 PM

MOTION: Cathy McGrath/Peter Berger (moved/seconded) to close the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

Attest: Joanna Bligh, Minutes Clerk

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