Cemetery Commission Meeting Minutes Sept. 26, 2017

Fairlee Cemetery Commission Sept. 26, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Fairlee Town Hall

Chair Hinsley called meeting to order at 6:35

Present: Robert Edmunds, Larry Farnham, Chaz Hinsley, Lance Mills, Ric Sleeper, Georgette Wolf-Ludwig – Town Clerk

Mills motion to approve August 1, 2017 meeting minutes. Sleeper second. Passed unanimously.

Old Business

Georgette handed out a draft of cemetery rules sign as requested by commissioners. Sleeper motion to purchase two signs, one for the Village Cemetery and one for the Ely Cemetery. Farnham second. Passed unanimously.

Farnham brought maps of several recent cremation burials in the Village Cemetery. Wolf-Ludwig will record them.

Discussion of stone repair work to be done by Standing Stone Landscape Architecture next week. Hinsley and Farnham will meet with them when they arrive to go over expectations and priorities.

Sleeper spread gravel at the Village Cemetery on the middle road where there is a big hump. Hinsley will smooth it out.

New Business

Discussion of 2018 budget, including funds to maintain and/or remove trees that are in danger of falling and toppling grave stones. There are many trees that are in danger of falling into both the Village and Ely Cemeteries. There has been no maintenance work done on trees in at least the past 30 years. Robert asked if any state funds are available to help with the big white oak in Ely since it’s supposedly the oldest in the state. Chaz will contact Chippers to see which trees would be most important to take care of first. Farnham motion to add a line item of $5,000 for tree removal/maintenance in the 2018 budget for a total of $14,839, plus any increase in the mowing bid. Sleeper second. Passed unanimously.

Next meeting will be December 19 at 6:30 in the town hall.

Meeting adjourned 7:30.

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