Selectboard Minutes 2017-6-26

Town Of Fairlee Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Town Of Fairlee Town Hall
75 Town Common Road
Fairlee, Vermont 05045

Monday June 26, 2017

6:00 p.m.  CALL TO ORDER


  • Selectboard Members: Cathy McGrath (Chair); Peter Berger (Vice-Chair), Frank J. Barrett, Jr.
  • Town Administrator: Brian Hanson
  • Visitors:  Don Weaver, Chris Brimmer, Alex Nuti-de Biasi, Annie Bickley, Noel Walker, Carol Stanigar
  • Minutes Clerk: Stephanie A. Taylor


MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. (moved and seconded) made a motion to accept the agenda. The vote passed unanimously.


Zoning Administrator Chris Brimmer discussed the possibility that the Town of Fairlee apply to the State of Vermont for designation as a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district.  

He also suggested that the Town of Fairlee consider submitting a grant application to the AARP Communities grant program for a bus shelter at the Park and Ride lot.

The Town of Fairlee will be re-submitting a grant application to the Community Development Block Grant program during their fall round. The grant would help fund the accessibility modifications to the Town Hall.

Don Weaver spoke about the recent Town Hall subcommittee meeting. The members attended a presentation on the HVAC/air exchange system.

Carol Stanigar inquired about renting space at the railroad station property for displaying and storing her garden plant business.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) to recess the meeting at 6:40pm.


Chair Cathy McGrath convened the public hearing on the zoning bylaws at 6:41pm.

Zoning Administrator Chris Brimmer stated that the Town of Fairlee is operating under interim zoning bylaws that will sunset on various dates in 2017. The interim zoning bylaws have benefitted the Development Review Board by providing enforceable zoning regulations.

The sunset dates need to be consolidated. Permanent adoption will be postponed until 2019.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) that all of the interim zoning bylaws and amendments be adopted in toto until public hearings can be held and a permanent adoption vote is scheduled.

The public hearing was closed at 6:49pm.


Noel Walker has contacted Chapman’s Store and set up a parking agreement for town staff.

The Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District has provided plastic buckets for food scrap collection. The buckets will be for sale at the transfer station.

The Prouty bicycle race will have a rest station in Fairlee on Saturday July 8.  Brian Hanson will speak with the Fire Department to find out if one of their tents could be rented and set up to provide shade. Frank J. Barrett, Jr. suggested that the funds could be drawn from the Parks & Recreation budget.

Brian Hanson presented a preliminary estimate of $11,832 for bringing electricity to the town transfer station up to forty feet before the railroad tracks. There will be additional costs for boring under the tracks and running the electrical cable through that area.  A complete budget specifying the allocation of costs will be worked out with Walter Gladstone of Newmont Farm.

The Town Manager and the Zoning Administrator will meet with VTRANS and a representative from Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Planning Commission on July 5 to evaluate locations for crosswalks. School officials will be contacted and asked to attend.

Five lifeguards have been hired for the summer season at the Lake Morey beach. The Town Manager and the Police Chief will be monitoring beachgoers for beach passes.


MOTION: Cathy McGrath/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) to go into Executive Session at 7:15pm.

The selectboard came out of Executive Session at 8:35p.m. No action taken.


The board orders were presented for signature.


MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) to approve the minutes of June 19 with corrections.

ADJOURN: – Time 8:40p.m.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) to adjourn the meeting.

Attest: Stephanie A. Taylor
Minutes Clerk




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