Selectboard Minutes 2017-6-19

Town Of Fairlee Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Town Of Fairlee Town Hall
75 Town Common Road
Fairlee, Vermont 05045

Monday June 19, 2017

6:00 p.m.  CALL TO ORDER


  • Selectboard Members: Cathy McGrath (Chair); Peter Berger (Vice-Chair), Frank J. Barrett, Jr.
  • Town Administrator: Brian Hanson
  • Visitors: Jason Bachus, Don Weaver, Noel Walker, Cathleen Gent, Bruce Westcott
  • Minutes Clerk: Stephanie A. Taylor


MOTION: Cathy McGrath/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. (moved and seconded) made a motion to accept agenda with modifications. The vote passed unanimously.


Don Weaver informed the Selectboard about the recent Lake Morey Commission meeting. The state toxicologist and Dr. Angela Shambaugh gave presentations on the monitoring of Lake Morey for milfoil and the effects of recent blue-green algae blooms due to phosphorus loading. The commission will be applying for a ten year permit to do suction harvesting of milfoil. This summer water samples will be drawn several times per month and analyzed at the state laboratory.

Mr. Weaver also noted that the Town Hall subcommittee has met recently to discuss the installation of new lighting fixtures.

Jason Bachus, Chief of Police, requested a $300 reimbursement for a rapid response training seminar he attended. The delinquent tax letters signed by attorney Jeff Taylor were delivered to ten homeowners. The balances will be due in full by October 2.


Cathleen Gent and Bruce Westcott of the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District gave a presentation on the requirements of Act 148, which will require each Vermont municipality to collect and recycle food scraps at their transfer station.

They described potential contaminants to the food scraps including PLU stickers on produce. The district will work with Town of Fairlee to educate residents about the need to sort the scraps carefully before bringing in the food waste for collection.

Cathy McGrath suggested that a student volunteer could help at the transfer station and monitor the food waste. This approach has been used at Samuel Morey Elementary School in the cafeteria.


The Selectboard members discussed the results of the recent water bond vote.

A comprehensive map of the town water system was anticipated as part of the Aldrich & Elliott contract. This deliverable was not received. The original contract will be reviewed.

The State of Vermont Drinking Water program should be contacted regarding the need/requirement for a membrane on the failing water tank.  Tim Schaal should also be contacted regarding this matter.

The water system operator will be invited to the next meeting.

Brian Hanson gave an update on the crosswalks based on a recent discussion with Amy Gamble from VTRANS. He will meet with a VTRANS staff person soon to evaluate three locations.

Two Rivers –Ottauquechee Regional Commission has advised the Town of Fairlee of the benefits of participating in the state grant-in-aid pilot program for culverts and clean water.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) that the Town of Fairlee provide in kind services as part of the grant-in-aid Pilot Program for Culverts and Clean Water.

Brian Hanson will be meeting with CHIPPERS tree service to discuss a Main Street tree survey. He will obtain a cost estimate.

Brian Hanson informed the Selectboard that he has been recruiting extensively for lifeguards for the town beach but has had no responses to the job advertisements. It may be necessary to limit the hours for the lifeguard station.

The draft newsletter was reviewed.


The board orders were presented for signature.

Rivendell Academy would like to hold a raffle on the town common after the July 4th parade.


MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) to approve the minutes of June 12 with corrections.


  • Discuss Finance Committee
  • Highway Update from Brian Hanson
  • Joint Meeting with Planning Commission and TRORC

ADJOURN: – Time 8:25p.m.

MOTION: Peter Berger/Frank J. Barrett, Jr. made a motion (moved and seconded) to adjourn the meeting.

Attest: Stephanie A. Taylor
Minutes Clerk

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