Auditors Meeting 2016-1-31

Minutes of Auditors Meeting 1/31/17. Fairlee Town Hall
Called to order 5:30 P.M.

Members present: Rick Walker Chair, Clement Powers

Voted to amend section Town Report Employment Payments to list Gross payments rather than net payments. Voted to approve and accept Town Report as presented. Emailed to printer and hard copy provided for Town Clerk to mail to printers. Voted to engage accounting firm of Fothergill Segale and Valley for audit of 2016 Financials. Considerations included recommendations and competitive bid amounts as provided by Town Administrator. Some discussion of proper role of Selectboard in actual approval and engagement of accounting firm as set forth in Vermont Statutes pertaining to Duties and Independence of elected auditors. It was decided that considerations of due haste and the desire for harmony should prevail in this instance.

Respectfully submitted, Rick Walker

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