Buildout Committee Minutes 2016-03-31


Buildout And Capacity Study Steering Committee
March 31, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Peter Berger, Cathy McGrath, Miranda Clemson, Larry Gatto, Smith Reed, Elizabeth Wilson, Planning Staff Chris Brimmer and Contract Planner Brandy Saxton.

Meeting began at 6:05 PM and concluded at 6:45 PM.

Peter Berger nominated Elizabeth Wilson to chair the Committee, seconded by Smith Reed and approved by acclamation.

Brandy Saxton gave a brief presentation on the process and expected products of her work. It will be largely driven by the existing zoning bylaw, infrastructure limitations and geographic constraints. The expected product should provide a modeling capability that would allow adjustment of one variable or another to generate projections.

Her expectation of the committee is that it would meet beginning or early June and provide her with 5-6 parcels from the sample area to do a detail, a follow-up meeting in July and then a public meeting in October/November.

Committee set a meeting for June 9th at 6PM and will designate parcels at that time.

Smith Reed moved to adjourn at 6:45 PM, second by Miranda Clemson and approved by acclamation.



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